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Article: Unveiling Exclusive Events at Cruickston Park

Unveiling Exclusive Events at Cruickston Park
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Unveiling Exclusive Events at Cruickston Park

Nestled at the edge of time, Cruickston Park stands as a testament to history and restoration. This sprawling estate boasts five meticulously and respectfully restored historic residences dating back as early as the 1700s. Honouring these places in this way, is to honour those who visit them.

To own Cruickston Park means to steward it.  This is exactly what the Chaplin family embarked on in 1995, as did the Wilks family before them, as did Ashton, and Dodge. The early stewards created infrastructure, whereas the later stewards maintained it - all the while emphasizing their interaction with the natural world.

This unique property has always been privately held and nurtured.  Over time we have repaired and updated the former infrastructure so it has become an intriguing blend of old and new. We have learned and embraced its history. This property is so special and so abundant, we feel it is time to share it with those who will cherish it as much as we do.

Now more than ever, this property takes on new purpose in its preservation of time honoured values.  It is both luxurious and wholesome.  It is a tribute to peace and an invitation to those in search of it.  We offer a glimpse into our extraordinary lifestyle, our definition of perfection, in hopes of inspiring others to develop their unique version of it. Cruickston Park offers a setting for others to experience on an exclusive basis.

Private Events within the Park

Enter the realm of Cruickston Park. Curated by the Chaplin family, this property can be used to simply unplug from the bustle of modern living, or it can be a backdrop for milestone events.

Either way, we can support your purposes by ensuring our spaces are fresh and serene, and by offering our established list of exceptional services and events for our inner circle of followers.  

Amidst sprawling countryside, explore our seasonal cadence of our fully operating and self sufficient estate, including our age-old, colourful kitchen garden, Cruickston Park emerges as a haven. Only an hour away from Toronto, it’s a quick escape into serenity.

For us (and from what we know of its past stewards), Cruickston Park was designed to cherish family and friends.  It was a meeting place for exotic personalities to collect and recount their varied travels.  It was a place that hosted heads of state, and a destination for both local and famous neighbours, such as Homer Watson. More recently, it’s promoted film-making, and has earned the respect of Hollywood for good reason. We even have a series of home-made film footage from the 1920’s showing  the property as it was then. For our family, Cruickston park is a focal point reminiscent of loving connections and laughter.


Our Inaugural Event –     Solstice Soirée
Embark on a journey of well-being celebrating family bonds and friendships with our exclusive Solstice Soirée pre-planned event.
Scheduled from June 21st to 23rd, our weekend offers an array of activities, including yoga sessions, farm tours, and the piéce de résistance: a candlelit Solstice Dinner catered by Richmond Station. Join us for the whole weekend, or simply for dinner.

Indulge in a food extravaganza prepared and served by Richmond Station, a centre of culinary excellence. It’s a sampling of imported Toronto elegance. Set amidst the grounds of The Stone Cottage and accompanied by live jazz, this dinner promises an evening of gastronomic delight, elegant surroundings, and like-minds.

In Parting
We intend our events to embody our commitment to share Cruickston Park’s abundance by offering exclusive, luxurious and wholesome experiences that nourish the soul.
Join our inner circle to secure your invitation to our inaugural Solstice Soirée.

See you there.