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About Farm to Table

Starting in 2015, we chose a different path from conventional farming, opting to work in harmony with nature rather than against it. This means our animals live on the land, allowing us to nurture both the land and the animals. We prioritize a healthy environment and loving care for our animals, and we're dedicated to promoting soil health through our grazing methods. Our food is the real deal!

If you are planning a stay at Cruickston Park and care to enjoy produce from our seasonal offerings, kindly inform us in advance and we will ensure that your refrigerator is stocked.


Round Beef $10/LB
Ancestral Blend (ground, liver, heart) $12/LB
Sewing Beef $13/LB
Round Steak $13/LB
Tenderloin Steak $43/LB
Strip Loin Steak $36/LB
Sirloin Steak $27/LB
Blade Steak $18/LB
Rump Roast $10/LB
Eye of Round Roast $10/LB
Brisket $16/LB
Beef Ribs $22/LB
Hamburger $15/PKG
Heart $6/LB
Tongue $5/LB
Liver $8/LB
Tallow $12/LB
Marrow Bones $8/LB


Spring mix $5/bag
Turnips $5/bundle
Beets $5/bundle
Kohlrabi $5/bundle
Oregano $3/bag
Swiss chard $4/bag
Onions $5/bundle
Lavender $4/bundle
Carrots $6/bundle
Tomatoes $6/bag
Basil $3/bag
Zucchini $5/bundle
Sage $3/bag
Burning sage (not dried) $5/bag
Leeks $5/bundle
Parsnip $5/bundle
Green beans $4/bag


Pastured Organic Eggs $8/Dozen

Order by phone at (1) 226-218-7374 or