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In the garden

About the Garden

The garden design swings off the traditional criss-cross pattern from the turn of the century. It is surrounded by two long stone walls and glass green house. The walls are situated on the north and west sides, creating a microclimate within the garden walls with the stone absorbing and radiating the sun’s heat. The original greenhouse forms part of the existing structure. It was built so that its walls start well below ground level. The building was expanded to include glass enclosures for growing plants from seed. There are remnants of an exterior boiler that had been used to heat and sterilize the soil for seed germination. Also within this complex is an old root cellar which was used to store root vegetables during the cold months. Its interior remains at about 8 degrees year round. 

There are 64 squares within the formal garden that secure the variety of herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. There are sweet grapes, sedum and lavender planted on the interior of the stone wall. It is a bold design, reminiscent of established European estate gardens, and somewhat unusual for Canada.

Consider the rawness of this setting as an extraordinary backdrop for an extraordinary event of your making. Perfect for a small garden party or wedding ceremony, we can work with your events planner to create a magical experience to take place during the lush months from June to October.

Discover all the intricate details of the Garden