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We welcome you to Cruickston Park

And thank you for considering this extraordinary property in defining your delight. However you choose to experience your occasion, Cruickston Park makes for a memorable backdrop. It is a unique space, situated in history and nature, secured behind private gates. This property can be used in its parts as a respite, a rendezvous, a meeting place, a home away from home. Alternatively, consider its totality of utilizing all 5 houses at once. Leverage our local network to customize your dream. Imagine planning a private weekend for your family and friends ‘just cuz’, creating a meeting point to host distant relatives, holding a reception for a special event, revealing a bride, celebrating a birthday, a milestone, hanging out with just yourself.

Cruickston Park is not for all occasions; it’s meant for the extraordinarily special ones. Picture this definition of tranquility: finely appointed homes of various size, forest, cobblestone, stone walls, elegant garden, rolling pasture, calm, nature’s chatter, lifestyle. It’s a unique setting filled with charm, simplicity and elegance.

We all live from moment to moment. Create cherished moments with us at Cruickston Park.


Seats up to 150 persons

Available year-round


— The ‘Trio’ is a cluster of 3 houses and their connecting properties: Stone Cottage, The Stables, Trapper’s Cabin

— Stone Cottage is surrounded by an 8’ high stone wall and forest creating an ideal setting for intimate socials or events

— Its yard flows into the Cabin grounds that is a historic log home situated on a hill, dominated by a stoop that overlooks distant pasture and pond

— The Stables is an historic yellow brick house, replete with old glass windows and water well

— All three houses are separated by landscaped spruce trees and foliage for privacy, yet still situated together

— All three houses can be used separately or together with a maximum capacity of 16 guests

— Minimum stay of two nights

— Accomodation configuration:

Stone Cottage, sleeps 6

The Stables, sleeps 6

Trappers Cabin, sleeps 4

— Parking available

— Wedding planner required

— More accommodation is optional for additional cost


Seats up to 120 persons

Available June - October


— Situated in the midst of our ‘Kitchen Garden’, surrounded by an eight foot high stone wall, greenhouse, and root cellar

— Two stone walls are approximately 250’ in length each, creating a private space of approximately 1 acre

— The gardens are styled to enhance their drama and appearance

— An historic manor serves as an old-world backdrop visible behind the walls

— Grounds are manicured amongst walking paths and lane ways

— Iron gate entrance with long walkway

— Distant view of rolling pasture and grazing animals

— Car parking available

— Wedding planner required

— Accommodations are optional for additional cost



NOTE: The Stone Cottage, The Stables and Trapper’s Cabin are what’s known as “The Trio”

Cruickston Park is partnered with the renowned culinary service

Richmond Station


Save the Date: Deposit of 25 percent of final price

1st Payment: 25 percent of final price on Execution of Agreement

2nd Payment: 25 percent of final price, sixty days after EoA

Final Payment: thirty business days before wedding date

Initial Deposit Payment

Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa or Master Card

Remaining Payments

Cash, Certified Cheque, Debit, Visa or Master Card

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Phone: (1)226 218 7374